Souveränität – ein unterschätztes Gut?

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Der deutschen Sicherheits- und Verteidigungsindustrie

Souveränität – ein unterschätztes Gut?

Ansichten zur Meinungsbildung.


The BDSV was founded in September 2009 and started its operations in January 2010. Its membership comprises of 221 companies (including subsidiaries). The German Security and Defence Industry (SDI) consists of major globally operating companies as well as highly innovative SMEs. All member companies are privately held and profit-oriented. The BDSV itself is member of the Federation of German Industries (BDI), the AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD) and the NATO Industrial Advisory Group (NIAG).

The member companies of the BDSV are highly qualified suppliers and partners of the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) and of the ministries entrusted with responsibilities regarding national security. Our industry is an indispensable part of German security interests and contributes to the protection and security of Germany’s citizens. The member companies of the BDSV are committed to intensify international and European security and defence cooperation. BDSV member companies export defence products and related material solely on the basis of Germany‘s constitution and existing legislation and in accordance with the political priorities as set out by the Federal Government of Germany.

This paper elucidates the position of the Federation of German Security and Defence Industries (BDSV) with regard to the European Action Plan on Defence (EDAP). We have taken the six most salient issues set forth by the European Commission (EC) and expanded on them illustrating the particular concerns and pertinent interests of the German security and defence industry concerning the soon to be published EDAP.


The BDSV represents the interests of the German Security and Defence Industry nationally and internationally. Additionally, it aims at increasing the visibility of Germany’s highly competitive Security and Defence Industry.

The BDSV has established itself as the point of contact for questions regarding the defence industry, industrial cooperation and information on security and defence matters. The responsibilities of the BDSV are divided into, first, “Advocacy and Lobbying”, second, “Press and Communications”, and third, “International Cooperation”.

  • The BDSV is the point of contact for policy-makers, government departments and foreign governments. It fosters the information flow of national and European decision makers on industrial policy, R&D as well as other relevant issues.
  • As media coverage is increasing nationally and internationally, the BDSV exhibits an enhanced media presence of the German security and defence industries. The BDSV is the direct point of contact for representatives of the national and international media, actively contributes to Social Media debates, and regularly provides its member companies with information on current developments. Our association engages in civil society debates at universities and continuously updates journalists on challenges related to the defence and security industries.
  • The BDSV coordinates NIAG activities as the national point of contact for the German industry. It also organises the ASD’s activities in the Land, Naval, Air and IT domain. The BDSV fosters cooperation with foreign security and defence industries.