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- the Federation of German Security & Defence Industries (BDSV)

The BDSV represents the interests of all German security and defence industry businesses. Its strengths lie in efficient, industry-tailored co-ordination and communication and in a pooling of common interests.

The BDSV acts as a point of contact for the German security and defence industry and as a link between businesses, politics, society, institutions and the media. The group’s overriding objectives are preserving and developing the competitiveness and sustainability of the German security and defence industry as well as maintaining and promoting Germany as a technology and business location.

The BDSV is a member of ASD (AeroSpace & Defence Industries Association of Europe), NIAG (NATO Industrial Advisory Group) and DWT (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Wehrtechnik; German Association for Defence Technology).

Core statements

Germany’s security and defence industry
Germany’s global responsibilities in terms of security policy have changed and grown considerably. This inextricably includes its industrial expertise in the security and defence fields at national level. It is clear that appropriate funding is needed to maintain this expertise.

The German security and defence industry contributes to our country’s ability to strategically respond to security policy matters. This contribution reaches far beyond its quantifiable economic importance and long-term structural considerations must therefore involve the industry’s concerns.

Competitiveness at global level
The German security and defence industry is a driving force for innovation, particularly in technology. The industry is a global leader in many technology fields and in the long run will only manage to maintain its technological skills for national demand if it succeeds on the export markets. In light of the different framework conditions within European Member States, it is essential that there is political support for exports and that the industry receives guidance from government agencies.

Securing Germany’s technological expertise in a sustainable manner is the basic foundation for our country’s contribution to creating a sound and competitive European defence and technology base. What we need is a European defence market that is based on competition and product quality with a level playing field for all stakeholders.

Research & technology
Today’s research determines tomorrow’s economic and technological successes. Therefore, research and development lie at the heart of Germany’s top position in technology and its success on the global market.

The German security and defence industry is based on high-tech products and undertakes extensive research and development efforts. The industry thus provides direct help to German security forces in action in completing their missions and contributes directly to the protection of the people.

Efficient procurement procedures need to be guaranteed by reducing bureaucratic hurdles. This involves optimising processes and procedures, as well as much closer co-operation between government agencies and the industry. Mutual exchanges are needed, which include exchanges of personnel, between the industry and government agencies. Additionally, close co-operation based on mutual trust is required between the industry, the forces and the procurement agencies.

Small and medium-sized businesses
In Germany, small and medium-sized companies account for more than half of the value created by the German security and defence industry. They are therefore an essential pillar of the industry.

Co-ordination efforts by the German government
The German security and defence industry’s involvement is key for a credible and assertive German foreign and security policy. Central co-ordination by the German government of all the ministries and agencies concerned and the industry is also required. The industry is happy to assume its share of responsibility for this.